Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fresh off the boat.

It's been a week since i landed in London and am still finding my feet, slowly navigating my way through the myriad of twisting winding streets and the never ending overlapping web of zones, boroughs and postcodes.

So i thought for my first post, these shots would be a nice way to start things off, seeing as i am still feeling a little like a fish out of water...

Hot Jellied Eels. Broadway Market.
Read more about this great shop here:
(sorry lee, i haven't eaten there yet. maybe i'll wait till you get here)

Ron's Eel and Shell Fish. On Regent's Canal.

Mosaic Showing Sea Life.
British Museum. Roman Panel 1st Century AD.

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  1. i love those mosaics, I can't wait to see some shots of tube murals in the various tube stations..... :-) hint hint. David Gentleman's charing cross would be a good start. There's also Eduardo Paolozzi @ tottenham court rd.. I think you'll like those. soooo jealous.